Guiding Military Clients Through Divorce

Military divorce can include an extra layer of complexity as deployment, pensions and the challenges of child custody can dramatically impact the direction a divorce takes. At Nony Law Firm, we stay current with changing legal trends and attend numerous family law seminars to remain up to date. Our experience and legal knowledge directly benefit our clients as we can develop a case strategy that anticipates challenges and quickly adapts to complexities.
Our divorce practice covers a broad range of topics, including:

We are prepared to represent clients from Jacksonville Air Force Base as well as Army and National Guard service members. At Nony Law Firm, we understand that the job of a military person is not set and we are flexible to meet the needs of such clients. Larger firms do not have the flexibility to talk to a client at any time of day. We are prepared to communicate with our clients in any format, from phone conversations to text messages to email. Even with clients stationed overseas, we will make the time to discuss a case no matter what time of day.

Complex Asset And Debt Division

While under many circumstances a military divorce proceeds in much the same way as a civilian divorce, certain challenges must be faced. A military retirement package, for example, can be complicated. Military pensions are governed by different rules and can be complicated by numerous factors such as how long the couple has lived in a particular area. It is crucial that you work with an experienced military divorce lawyer to ensure that the case proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

Schedule A Consultation

For more than 15 years, Ms. Nony has dedicated her practice to resolving divorce disputes in Little Rock and communities throughout Arkansas. If you are facing a military divorce, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with an attorney at our office to discuss your case. We can be reached by phone at 501-683-8900 or through email.