Protecting Your Rights As A Father And Parent

In Arkansas, if parents are unwed at the time of the child's birth, the mother receives primary custody. This means father's rights must be established in court, otherwise a father's claim as a guardian or a financial supporter of the child may not be recognized or enforced by law.

Ms. Nony is committed to providing a fair and professional service that places the well-being of her clients' children above all else. If you have questions regarding father's rights or paternity, please contact the Nony Law Firm online or call 501-683-8900.

Father's Rights And Establishing Paternity

At our Little Rock-based firm, we recognize that establishing paternity is beneficial to all parties involved. The well-being of your child is most important in any family law case, and when paternity is recognized children can form bonds with both parents, access medical information from both parents and enjoy the full range of legacy benefits. For the mother, establishing paternity creates a shared responsibility in raising and paying for the child. For the father, paternity affords legal rights and gives him a say in the way his child is brought up.

In Arkansas, paternity can be established either voluntarily or involuntarily, through filing a petition with the court and DNA testing. Ms. Nony assists clients seeking to establish paternity in both voluntary and involuntary cases.

We Know What You're Going Through

At our firm, we understand the sensitivity of fathers' rights and paternity issues and can help offer counsel and guidance throughout the process. Attorney Brianna Nony is known for her personalized service and dedication to each client. To speak with a trusted family lawyer, contact our firm online or call 501-683-8900.