Certified To Handle Attorney Ad Litem Cases

In Arkansas, an attorney ad litem represents children and incapacitated parties in custody cases. A circuit judge may order an attorney ad litem if he or she thinks it would benefit the child, given the circumstances. An attorney ad litem represents the children, conducts interviews, reviews documents related to the case and sometimes makes recommendations to the court about what parenting plan would be in the child's best interest.

Attorney Brianna Nony is certified and educated to handle attorney ad litem cases. Ms. Nony is committed to working closely with children and finding the best solutions for their future. For more information on our attorney ad litem services, contact us online or call 501-683-8900.

Protecting Arkansas' Children And Incapacitated

Family law is a delicate area and disputes between spouses can get heated. When children are involved in these disputes, it is important to remember that their interests need to be protected above all else. A child of divorce herself, attorney Brianna Nony offers strong advocacy and compassionate guidance in a broad range of attorney ad litem cases. She is dedicated to finding the best solution for children in difficult matters and helping them through the emotionally trying process.

Brianna Nony also provides legal support to incapacitated clients involved in estate planning and administration cases. Ms. Nony can help ensure an estate is planned according to the wishes of the owner without any interference and can help ensure those wishes are followed through in the probate process.

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At our Little Rock firm, we have the education and experience to handle attorney ad litem cases. From the beginning, we have been committed to fair and efficient solutions and preventing disputes down the line. For strong, aggressive representation for a vulnerable client, contact us online or call 501-683-8900.